During my fifth grade graduation ceremony WAY back in 1995, my teacher proclaimed that “no doubt about it,” I was voted the class bookworm.  I always had a book in my hands. In fact, when I was “too quiet for too long” as a toddler, my mom would momentarily panic before she found me asleep beside a book.  So, this love of books has been here literally my whole life.

I have been in school for 20 years out of 26, so the “class” part has stuck with me as well. I am about to graduate with my masters in education.  I’ll be a middle school teacher (when I get hired). Heaven help me, I know, but I really like this age group.  They make me laugh, and I feel like I can help them through their drama. During my internship at a middle school, I handled stress by reading books and reading blogs about books.  Maybe I’ve noticed because I like these sorts of blogs, but there’s a trend about re-reading books beloved as children and teens. Quite frankly, it’s a trend I love. I love being able to bond with people over books I haven’t read in ages. I love being able to snark about books that in retrospect were a little over-dramatic.

Now, as much as I would love to join the bandwagon snarking on books I love, I have to keep in mind that I am a teacher as well as a book lover. (I.e.  I don’t know how many of my students/parents will find this blog, or if I will later recommend them to look at this for book ideas if they are reluctant readers … I’m not sure about an end goal, etc. )  Also, I love reading the snark from other blogs, but I quite frankly am not as funny as the bloggers I read.  (I have a quirky sense of humor, I’m not sure if it would fit into the snarking category very well.)

So… here are my “objectives” for this blog. I have most of this summer free. During that time, I’ll be reading a lot — some for my future class library, some for my own  pleasure. I will report back with a brief summary, whether I liked it or not, and if I were to put it in my class library, what grades would it be appropriate for.  I also love to read challenged or banned books to see if it was worth the fuss, and I’ll give you my feedback on that. I’ll include classics, I’ll include new favorites.  I may include a section that is simply for adult readers (not in the YA section of the library).

So… there you are. If you’re still reading, I hope you can find something useful here for you!


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