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I was going to write a review for The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott. I realized it was such an awesome, for-fun book that I was completely spoiling. So, I’m going to work on that review later, and hopefully it’ll be up in a day or two. I also finished Letters to Rifka for class, and I need to finish my literary journal and I’ll get back with you guys on that review.

I did want to inform people of a website I just found. I went to Barnes & Noble today and I was looking for a book for one of my kiddos who’s having a b-day soon.  When I couldn’t find it, I figured I could look it up online. I noticed a site that had free shipping, AWESOME. So I went to the site, and discovered they aren’t just book sellers: Better World Books sells used and new books, but they primarily focus on “giving books a home.” They are also funding literacy programs around the world. Another cool thing they’re doing is free shipping ( 5-11 days, usually).  They also do the carbon footprint credit thing, which I’m not sure about but still, it’s cool, and 6 cents for carbon offset vs. paying shipping? Even better.

So, here’s my deal:  I am a lazy environmentalist. I do what fits my lifestyle: for example, until I got Cat I refused to get plastic bags (and still try to avoid them whenever possible, but I like having them for cleaning litter now, so at least I’m reusing). I do the reusable cup thing; we have a compost pile in our backyard. Buying used books fits my lifestyle (we’re lucky to have a used bookstore in town), and helping people getting access to books– well, isn’t that why I’m becoming a teacher? (The answer is yes; I’m an evangelist for books, as one prof would tell us.)

This is my first order with this site, so I can’t give them 100% recommendation yet (since I literally just put in my order), but I think the concept is really cool. I will update on my order, but check it out for yourself. They’ve saved 33,613,496 books from landfills, and raised $8,270,800 + for literacy programs, so it’s a worthy cause and I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to recommend it.

Keep reading, you know I will!




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2 responses to “Better World Books

  1. I think I’ve bought some used stuff through amazon from them and they’ve been really good. OK, mostly BSC books but that still counts, right?

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