Bookworm gushing on Aurora Teagarden

Another one of the gushing sessions. No spoilers. No summaries. Just in love with what I read.

I was introduced to Aurora Teagarden by Charlaine Harris when my friend Natalie sent me a message and said, “I’m reading a series of books about a spunky busty  Southern librarian who’s 4’11”. Every time I read her description I see you.”  I had a good laugh from that, because that is me. The only thing not me in her description is the curly hair (but I’ll admit that my hair cannot be tamed) and brown eyes. You can’t have it all, right? At least the busty midget librarians get their due! So, I checked out the first book, Real Murders, as soon as I made it to the library, and a new obsession began.

  • Aurora is a sassy, witty, smart character. I hear people say all the time, “Dynamite comes in small packages.” It’s true in Aurora’s case.  Not just because she reminds me of me, she’s just that feisty.
  • I like Harris’s voice. She’s Southern without obnoxious sayings once a page. (I say this because I recently tried reading a book with the phrase “I declare” once a page. I got tired of it within the first chapter. No need to push Southern colloquialisms in our faces.)
  • These are well-written mysteries. I don’t read mysteries a lot, but when I do I can usually figure out the suspicious person right away. I can’t in these books. It takes me until the last minute to figure out whodunit with this series.
  • Aurora has a lot of issues with relationships, which makes her pretty relatable I think. She dates (significantly, anyway) four men in the series: one dumps her because he was two-timing and got the other woman preggers, one has an issue with her inability to procreate, another is apparently in some illegal business and one is so obsessed (for lack of a better term) when he dates other women they are other versions of her.  Not to mention a stalker or two. (Ya know, people always go on and on about the tall blondes, but let’s face it, the short brunettes have it going on. We’re not exactly intimidating, despite our best efforts to appear so.) Not to mention, as a single woman unable to have kids, she gets harped on quite a bit for that, people trying to set her up, etc.

These are NOT for the classroom, but I’ll give it an A+ for being my distraction at the end of the school year. Well-written, loved the characters, Southern without cliche.

Simply because I could never get them in order at the library, this is the order they go in:
Real Murders
A Bone to Pick
Three Bedrooms One Corpse
The Julius House
Dead over Heels
A Fool and His Honey
Last Scene Alive
Poppy Done to Death

I did switch the last two due to availability at the library. That worked out ok. I don’t think the others would work out of order so well since you get introduced to new characters that wouldn’t make sense later.  Due to Harris’s  popularity with the Sookie Stackhouse series, she may be hard to get your hands on. Totally worth a brawl at the library though. (Just teasing– Aurora can kick butt, but I can not.)


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