I survived…

Warning: Sappy, non-book related blog entry ahead.

Today was our unofficial graduation celebration. I’m pretty pleased with myself for making it through the day without crying (in front of people other than my grandma, mother, and husband).

Surprisingly, I didn’t get the “most likely to be confused with a student” award.  I got the “best advice” award.  I’ll accept that. I had to talk a few people down off the ledge.  “Dude, you get through this, the rest is a cake walk.”  “If I can do it when I have crazy group projects with KKK cartoons on power points  anyone can!” (The cartoons were added as a surprise the night before by one of my groupmates…  and it wasn’t a historical project at all… just some random KKK. Something we said about white surprise? Whatever.)

Today was also the close of a summer program that I’ve volunteered for almost every day since my student teaching has completed. It was truly a blessing to be a part of that summer with “my kids.” Sure, I did a lot more kitchen work than playground duty, but I enjoyed every minute with the kids at the program. We had a VBS type program once a week, and I want to remember FOREVER the kids singing their hearts out because Jesus loves them. The kids in the program often don’t have it easy, and having that love surround them is a beautiful thing.

I want to just take a grateful moment and thank everyone who’s been involved in my journey this summer. Foremost, God, for putting me in the places he did and with the people I worked with. Milligan, thank you for my great education and for the six years that you’ve been my home.  My professors– thanks for your time and patience; I know I’m nuts and I’m glad I’ve had several shoulders to cry on! To my husband, wow, you’ve put up with a lot. As I’ve let off steam by reading and crafting and ignoring the piling school (and house) work, you’ve been there to pick up my slack and going a year without the extra paycheck– I appreciate it so much. To my parents and extended family, who encourage me no matter what. You’ve been okay with molding me into a know-it-all. You’re supportive even when I’m losing it.  For my kids: my middle school ones, my summer kids, and my preschoolers– thanks for being an inspiration and providing a reason to keep doing what I do.  Oh, and to my classmates: this is important, we CAN AND DID do this, and I will never give up on you.  Don’t give up on you, either.

Now that a stressful day of endings and new beginnings is over, I’ll return to my regularly scheduled book reviews shortly.


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