Kristy and Mr. Mom, Ann M Martin

Synopsis:  This is a BSC Book, I think it’s book 81.

Watson, you know, the millionaire, is stressed, is getting tired much easier. He’s shoveling snow and Kristy gets home and notices he’s not in good shape. She says, hey, put pizza in the oven, and I’ll finish, and he agrees to the plan…. but on his way to the house he has a heart attack. Kristy calls 911, Nannie comes out to help, Watson goes to the hospital and he’s going to be ok. He’s told to lay off the red meat and quit stressing. He gets all teary-eyed watching the family and decides to ease off his work duties and become a stay-at-home dad.

He’s not bad at being a Mr. Mom, but Nannie is becoming less involved in daily life. She decides to move out. Everyone’s upset about her moving out, but no one says anything. The household falls apart when Emily Michelle has the flu, Karen and Andrew are over making a mess, and David Michael is forgotten at play rehearsal and Watson has faxes coming out of the wazoo. When Kristy visits Nannie, she tells Nannie they’re thinking of hiring a housekeeper and basically Nannie gets moved back in, Watson works 3 hours a day to help ease the VP’s issues. Happy family again, the end.

Oh yeah– apparently the Marshalls keep adding kids to the babysitting list without telling the BSC and the BSC doesn’t communicate the 2 sitters for over 5 kids. It was kinda lame.

Bookworm’s Commentary

Here’s my personal situation right now: My dad just died of a heart attack. I’m at home, surrounded by my old books. I thought I’d read something from my childhood like Claudia and the Sad Goodbye. I found Kristy and Mr. Mom, and knew ahead of time that it was similar… but not really. Yeah, it’s kind of trite. It didn’t make me feel better, but it didn’t make me feel worse. What will make me feel better is to SNARK on this book! Yay!

  • It’s a shame that unless Nannie is THE HOUSEKEEPER, she doesn’t feel wanted. Seriously? I hate how the Stoneybrook family units are. They always have huge families and never, oh, I don’t know, take care of themselves and insist on BSC (or grandma) to save the day. Because it was grandma’s idea to adopt a kid.
  • They gave some nice advice on the 911 end of things.
  • I thought it was BSC policy FROM THE BEGINNING to ask about # of kids. Sure, the Pikes are the only ones they need the 2 sitter rule for, so it doesn’t make sense that the Marshalls would know about it.
  • It also seems stupid that the president of a company really thinks he can quit work w/o a transition period. He did say, “Oh, they’ll call if they need me,” but uh, yeah. Again, seems stupid for him to assume he could get away with not getting faxes & phone calls like crazy.
  • Claudia is into hats this go ’round.  Thanks Kristy, for being helpful on the outfit description. Wait– something about red long john shirt and polka dots or something.

Class Stuff:
Grades: whatever the BSC appeals to.
Grade: C+…. eh, maybe it was my timing, maybe the book was blah. Whatever. Check out BSC Chronologically if you want someone’s opinion that isn’t going to snark on this.


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