Teachers need fun, too!

We also don’t sleep at school, for those of you who may have that impression.

We try to have personalities and lives, but that may be questionable… at least, for me it is.  But what I do have is my books and a blog to talk about books. When I get tired of hearing myself talk about books, I look to funny bloggers who also have books.

I have the hilarious college girl Alison on my blog roll, who writes up Literary Crap.  She’s been a goldmine lately for funny book blogs. She recently posted about two sites that are just for fun, and just hysterical.

Better Book Titles is exactly that: it summarizes the book in the amount of time it takes to read the title. Maybe a little NSFW (Lolita‘s better title is “Likable Rapists”…  pretty spot-on).  For example…

The Lorax is about as inconvenient of a Seuss book as you can get. Unless you are afraid of star-bellied sneeches.









Touche, Macbeth.


But my favorite that she has introduced (to me, anyway) has been Reasoning with Vampires. This site is a grammar lover’s dream. I have admitted before that I liked Twilight when I first read it (my defense is I was in summer school) but I am totally up for making fun of it. This tumblr goes one step further in making fun, and analyzes the pages of Twilight as she’s reading to point out the ridiculousness of the situation. I’m limiting it to two examples:

I heart Dopey, but this is my personal favorite…

I laughed so hard at Austen aggression, I nearly cried.

If you love commas in the right place and are up for the mocking of Twilight,   Reasoning with Vampires is the perfect blog for you.  ** I’ll admit, while I love grammar, I am not perfect. I pretty much go back on my blogs 10 times to edit after it’s been published.  Meyer supposedly had an editor.**

Since I mentioned “Austen aggression”, in honor of Valentine’s I will be reviewing Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  Be excited.


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