“Reading Journal” (If I fake my homework, will you know I didn’t read?)

Date here!

Dear Class,

I didn’t get to read this week. Insert sad face. I read Phantom Tollbooth as a reader’s theatre drama with about 60 of my closest friends, but that doesn’t count, really.  I skimmed Hatchet since I’m debating on teaching that to you in-between prepping for state tests. I can’t imagine spending five straight weeks reviewing what you’ve already learned, but everyone and the  practice test tell me you’re not ready.  Rats. Oh, my summary for the chapter I glanced at goes, “the plane crashed.” That’s an acceptable chapter summary, right? (It’s not, students. I’m being sarcastic.)

So, most of this week has been getting into the groove of actually teaching school without “team teaching” or a mentor teacher. It’s been interesting. I’m exhausted. These are not sixth-grade sentences.  Also, for your reading journals, c’mon, I want you to tell me what actually happened and not make up something. (Carlisle does not want to take Bella out, that’s creeptastic. Also, angry vampires did not show up in chapter 2. Sadly, I’m an expert.)

So, I’m kinda flattered that my blog got a bunch of hits this week, but I wonder if kids are hitting it up for hints on their reading tests or are genuinely interested in what Shakespeare play Holling read during October. 🙂 I’m hoping the blog is actually being helpful, but don’t use me to cheat, friends! Help on an extra detail– okay– help on an entire book report– nope. (I don’t think this is an acceptable source for a research paper, just saying.)

Hope you enjoyed my vague summary of the week! I am hoping to have the schedule and planning done in a more timely fashion next week so I can kick back with a book! I may have a “survival” series of posts coming up! (Posts on survival books, not “here’s how I’m surviving as an interim.” I’m learning I need speak clearer.)


Ms. T.


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