Claudia and the Perfect Boy, Ann M. Martin (Suzanne Weyn)

Synopsis: Claudia is totally jealous of the fact that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, but practically everyone in the BSC does.  Stacy and Claud find the personals section of a magazine, and she realizes that would be fantastic for the school newspaper.  She is put in charge of the new article.

Ads come pouring in, and Claudia learns how to use spell check,  and literally gets to cut and paste a few ads.  There was a cut-and-paste disaster for Mary Anne (who sent Logan a secret message in the personals, but she ended up getting mixed up with a girl who was trying to ditch her dud boyfriend. When they find this mistake, Claudia goes back to make sure she didn’t screw anyone else’s ad up. She realizes that she’s finding descriptions that complement each other. She ends up being a matchmaker.  However, she keeps missing her own love connection.  She goes on a few dates, which turn out to be duds. Why can’t she find the perfect guy who is cute, a few muscles, artsy, into fashion, athletic, extremely funny, sensitive, a good listener (but also a good talker)?

In babysitting news: the Barretts have to get rid of their dog because the baby is allergic.  The Pikes are happy to get a pet.

Bookworm’s Commentary:
I do remember this from when I was younger.  I remembered the whole Mary Anne personals debacle.

  • So, hilarity:  Claudia is learning to use the computer and the amazing tool SPELL CHECK. This just made me happy that the book is that dated.  What? Before 1994 we had to actually use the dictionary?
  • I was going to make a snide remark about her qualifications for her “perfect guy” (doesn’t exist, if he did he wouldn’t be playing on that team), but I realized my husband’s college roommates kind of fit that description. So, Claudia, if you get out of middle school in time, meet me in 2002. I may have two or three candidates.  Or, ya know, go to art camp. That may help you a bit.
  • What Claudia Wore in this book (dang, I’ve missed you, Kim H.  Glad you’re back!):
    • I also experiment with the way colors look and I combine them in ways that please me. (You’d be amazed by the colors that go together. Take pink and gold. You might not think to wear pink socks would go with gold stretch pants,  and then add a gold turtleneck under a pink sweater. But that’s just what I did yesterday, and I added blue jewelry. It was great! I looked like a human sunset. The outfit made me very happy.)
      • I actually remembered this outfit from before, probably because I was skeptical. But ya know, everything she wore looked great, etc.
    • Getting Ready for the Date, Exchange:
      “You’re not going to wear those, are you?” Kristy asked as I slipped into my new brown suede cloth pants.
      “Why not?” I thought they were the best thing I owned.
      “I don’t know,” said Kristy. “They just don’t seem right for a first date.”  I was not about the take fashion advice from Kristy, of all people.  (LOL!)
      so, sorry for this boring description, but it’s all I’ve got: lots of silver jewelry, yellow button-down shirt, brown-and-yellow brocade vest.
Class stuff: 
Grades: ya know, upper elementary, whatever.
Grade: B  Quick brainless read for me. Do personal ads exist anymore? I mean, yeah I know, dating sites, Craigslist, but I don’t know if kids today would be able to relate.  She just learned Spell Check exists.  Pretty funny. Good middle school stuff.

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