Summer Plans

1. As I have really liked earning a paycheck, I am continuing to work at the museum while I also look for salaried teaching jobs.  Because the second my interim was over I went, “Awww… I kinda miss my students…” like all my discipline issues had gone away and all the kids that drove me crazy were my little darlings. So I am on the hunt.

2.  I have to finish some stuff around the house.  I’m thinking of doing a “one a day” sort of things (you know the drill:  project a day, book a day, write something every day) for a month. Just because it would be good to have a goal.  But instead of “do something every day” it may be “finish something every day until you run out of things you haven’t finished yet.”  Good gracious, do I really want to do that?? But it may help me feel better about the house,  my projects, etc.

3.  Organizing a few unit plans is a little higher on my priority list  than “3”, but yeah. Would like to organize my drama, Maniac, Hatchet units and create one for The Giver.  Also organize some grammar lesson plans.

4. I’ve been a lousy blogger, and I’m going to continue to be a lousy blogger for about a little while longer. (I’m actually editing this post while I’m “on vacation”… aka I had 4 days off in a row and I wanted to visit my mom. When I get back, I’ll be kitty sitting, tutoring, and working pretty much all week.)  I also went to the in-laws during Memorial Day weekend and  read a lot then. It seemed like all were girl power books, including Soulless and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.  Yes, they will be reviewed soon.  Soulless and its sequels are not for the classroom, but Disreputable History  (which I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of until Reasoning with Vampires made the recommendation) pretty much is the confidence booster I needed after reading enough butchered Twilight journal entries. (Even if I weren’t up for making fun of the book, seeing the sixth grade interpretation… oy.)

We won’t mention the ever-obvious “get a life.” 😉  See ya later, hopefully with an original blog post by yours truly.


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