Conversations with my Co-workers, RE: Harry Potter quirks

I go into the work lounge to get something, who knows what. My friend Chrysalis is reading Chamber of Secrets. The second I walk in, she lights up.

C: Hey Amber…  house elves can’t be given clothes, right? Because then they’re free?
A: Yeah.
C:  So, how do rich wizards do their laundry? Can you imagine Lucius Malfoy doing his own laundry?
A: Nice…. (successful high five.*)
C: What I’ve decided is that they have a laundry chute that’s actually a portkey, and this portkey takes it to a laundry service or dry-cleaners, wait for it to come back in plastic bags, neatly folded and hung up accordingly. The portkey doors could also take laundry to a second hand robe shop, the shop owner then washed and sold the clothing however he saw fit. We know that people shop second hand shops since the Weasleys wear “gently worn” robes often. Wealthy wizards just don’t rewear robes (or at least the Malfoys might not, the snobs). **

A: You know what I always wondered? The Weasleys are strapped for money and all, and they buy used books. But don’t they have a whole collection of their own used books?
C: Well, they had to buy all the Lockhart books.
A: I don’t mean like, Defense against the Dark Arts since their teacher and book changes every year. But like, Book of Common Spells, Grade 1. Buy one for Bill/Charlie***, pass it down?
C:  They would have had to buy another one for Fred and George.
A: True, and I bet they can do a number on books.
C:   Besides, you know how editions of books change. Always bugged me in college when I couldn’t buy off a friend.
A:  How often can common spells change?
C: Still, interesting to think about.  I’m just glad I have someone here who’d appreciate these random thoughts!
A: Oh yeah!

I’m sorry, but I have the best co-workers ever. Who thinks of these things , wishes to tell someone who’d appreciate it, then realizes, “one of the other four HP fanatics just walked in!”

Now that I’ve had time to process that information, here’s what I’m pondering:

  • I love the portkey idea. We know the Malfoys do not do their own laundry. But it’s not as though Molly Weasley is actually knitting their jumpers or scrubbing the wash. “Scourgify” a bucket with soapy water to get it to do the dirty work.  It would be like a magical washing machine…
    • This is more of Chrysalis’s theory on house elves and getting laundry done: “if giving Dobby a book with a sock that belonged to someone else without any knowledge of its presence inside said book can free him, sending laundry must be tricky.unless there is a clause in the house elf binding magic that allows clothing to be handed over as long as its for washing purposes…”
  • Bill/Charlie probably got a used book to begin with, as Ginny can remember wanting to go to Hogwarts when her eldest brother began. ***(continued)  So, passing a book down for seven kids may be a bit much.
    • Really, it wouldn’t be fair because of the nature of the kids. I think Bill and Charlie would be fine sharing books, but Percy strikes me as the type to want to buy new books, keep them forever in tip-top condition, and never let anyone else touch it.  Fred and George do quite a bit of damage to everything else, I suppose books wouldn’t hold up. Either that, or the books wouldn’t be opened. If the latter, Ron & Ginny now have books! If the former, Ron & Ginny can share.
    • But SERIOUSLY… if Harry can use the same book Snape and presumably his father would have used in book 6 for Potions, I think the one or two year gap between kids could work out.

Thank you to my fellow nerds at work, especially Chrysalis.

*Yes, I know it’s ridiculous to specify that it was a successful high-five. I have awesome co-workers, but dang, we are awful at high-fives.
** Chrysalis saw this discussion before I published this, and the description of how the portkeys work was in her words. Thank you for your contribution!
***I can never remember if Bill or Charlie is older, though I’m leaning towards Bill.  I can barely figure out ages of the Weasleys.  {Edit, Bill is older, but I’m amused at my post so it will remain as is.}

(*** cont. )Here’s a brief chart of Weasley ages (according to my reasoning with Chamber of Secrets)!
Bill: at least 3 years out of school (20?)
Charlie: at least 2 years out of school (19?)– was not in school when Harry & Ron started, so at least 3 years older than Percy.
Percy:  year 6 (16)
Fred & George: year 4 (14)
Ron:    year 2 (12)
Ginny:  year 1 (11)

It takes seven years for a Hogwarts education. 11-7=4; 4-3=1… Ginny may be exaggerating when she claims her desire to be at Hogwarts at a young age. Or Ginny didn’t realize they had already been in a year. (Shrug!)

Always fun to analyze and over-analyze our favorite fiction…  🙂 If we have any more fun conversations, I may repeat them here. Feel free to comment away!

P.S. Happy Birthday JKR and Harry! You are endless entertainment. I can always find something new in your story, and usually, your story speaks to me in a way that helps me understand life better.  Thank you.


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