Hogwarts Halloween

This Halloween kicked butt. My church is awesome. My friends are the best.

Why, do you ask?

Hogwarts Halloween

Standing (L-R): Mad-Eye (aka my husband), Cho, Harry, Voldemort
Kneeling (L-R):  The Grey Lady, the Golden Snitch, Hermione (me), Luna

1. Like I said in my last post, my church has a lot of academic folks and a lot of readers. Although we clearly went all out with Hogwarts, we ran into plenty of Harrys trick-or-treating.  There was a Hermione with bigger (and better) hair (wig). We even ran into a Muggle (yep, he had a sign saying “Muggle”).  No one informed us we were the devil. Amazing.

2. I haven’t really  been a part of a group costume effort. I missed out when there was a group effort (I’m thinking of you, cousins as Wizard of Oz characters) and when my sister and I would try to get something together, everyone else wanted to be princesses. Ugh, boring. So, as far as “group effort” on Halloween, I’ve pulled it off twice before– once to be Charlie Brown and Lucy with my sister, last year as a group of Ninevites and Jonah. This year takes the cake: characters that people recognized? No puffy paint on shirts?

3. Attention to detail was fantastic.  I did a lot of the prop work:  I crocheted Harry’s scarf and Mad-Eye’s patch and purchased the snake on the cheap (guess what the Snitch is getting for Christmas?).  I also made a pair of Luna Spectraspecs, but forgot to get them to her before this picture. (For Hermione, I made nothing, and had everything in my closet. Thank you to my sister, who had a Hermione tie and wand to loan me!)  Voldemort was perhaps the other most enthusiastic person involved in this project. He WHITTLED HIS OWN WAND. (He made a few other wands with a little less detail, but he was just like, hey, we’re talking the ELDER WAND!)   Voldemort and my husband also did a lot of the castle construction a few days beforehand. You can’t see this, but we have an entrance to the castle, the kids go through a tent (“Hagrid’s Hut”) to get their candy.

4.  We could have easily had a few more friends come up to be a part of this. The possibilities with Hogwarts are endless. If I wasn’t Hermione, I would have been either Dobby (white t-shirt with tights/leggings, socks galore), Tonks (change a wig every few minutes), Bellatrix (long black shirt, black shirt, rat up my hair)…  I’m super glad they just said, “Do this.” Ok! Makes my life easier!  I could have even been a portrait and moved out of the frame when need be! In fact, the Grey Lady was going to do that so she could chase her son (the Snitch) but then she came up with her costume she wore. I didn’t even meet Cho until the Halloween happenings, and she was awesome at her role.  We needed gingers… all the ones I knew were unavailable. 😦

5. Harry and Voldemort tore down the castle by battling it out. HOW COOL IS THAT!

6. I hope he doesn’t get me after this, but “Voldemort” is perhaps the friendliest guy in our group. There were several moments when I had the photo op to take of Voldemort kneeling down and talking with the Snitch.  But, go figure, the Snitch ran for it before I got his picture snapped.

So, there you have it. This was the best Halloween a bookworm could ask for.


Resources *in case you, too, want a Hogwarts Halloween*:

Luna glasses: http://diyfashion.about.com/od/maskandmasquerade/ss/Spectrespecs_2.htm

For a “younger” Hogwarts scarf: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/cwe-wizardScarf.html?r=1

This has patterns for both younger and older students, and was what I ended up using: http://diyfashion.about.com/od/diyaccessories/qt/How_Gryffindor.htm

Mad-Eye Patch, which I originally got from Ravelry:  http://kellyskraftystuff.blogspot.com/2008/11/mad-eye-patch-free-pattern.html

Quibbler Magazine cover: http://gamma-ray-burst.deviantart.com/art/Contraportada-Quibbler-202776838


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