Baby-sitters Club: The TV Series (part 1)

Did you know that the BSC had a television show?  I did.  It was fantastic.

My mom is going on a purge session– not that she was getting rid of  my BSC videos, but her goal was to get as much stuff out of her house as possible. I grabbed all my BSC VHSes and although I have yet to do a marathon, I have watched a handful. Oh yeah.  Merry Christmas early. More will come.

(I’ll do a book post soon hopefully.)

Mary Anne and the Brunettes

Mary Anne luvs Logan but Marci thinks he’s SOOO cute.  She makes a bet with one of her cronies that she can lure Logan away from MA. Do you think for one second Kristy will let that happen?  Turns out, Logan “really liakes” Mary Anne, so even though Kristy’s spy skills came into play, Marci lost. So there.

  • Forgive me for not being able to write in his accent.
  • Girls: The way Mary Anne handles herself is not a good way to go. Marci’s got a point: MA’s a wimp. Get some backbone! What a teenager! She tells Logan that nothing’s wrong and acts mean to him, thus perpetuating the situation. The hot girl is flirting with Logan– no wonder he’s hanging out with her!
    • But boys, when communicating with women (for some reason we never learn) when we say, “Nothing’s wrong! Why don’t you go have fun at the party!”  the party is probably what’s wrong.  If Logan had been thinking, he’d go, “Wait, Marci invited me to the party… and doy, Mary Anne’s my girlfriend!”  This works in other situations too. “Go have fun at the game” when she sounds bitter and sarcastic about it– did you forget the anniversary? Dinner with the in-laws?
  • Mary Anne does open up to Jackie Rowdowsky (little Pete!) (fine, Danny Tamborelli).
  • Memorable lines (like, knew them before I put in the video):
    Claudia: Get beautiful, get smart! Let me make you into a work of art!
    Kristy: Who are you calling drippy? YOU’RE the only drip around here! (proceeds to squirt Marci with a hose).

Dawn and the Haunted House

Dawn makes up crazy stories about Mrs. Slade. A few babysitting clients (um, they’re kids!) perpetuate the situation by calling her a witch, telling Dawn and Stacy she turns people into dogs and has a pet cemetary. Turns out, she used to be a vet, and now she’s tutoring Claudia in Science.

  • Claudia, there’s no need to be embarrassed that you didn’t pass your Science test.  We know you’re dyslexic, and we’re okay with it.
  • Favorite quote of the show: “I love hardware stores. Next to Bloomingdale’s, there’s no other place I’d like to be!”  Um. Stacey said that.  Is that in the canon? I want it to be.
  • Also, I feel like this may have been filmed in Canada. I know I’m not that great with accents… but they distinctly say “so-rry” in the Canadian fashion.   Fine, wishful thinking. I would have loved a Canadian version of BSC, but I think most of the actors were from Jersey, so maybe they say “so-rry”?

Stacey’s Big Break

Stacey gets “discovered”! Someone wants to plaster her face on magazines, cuz SHE’S SO PRETTY! She goes on crazy photo shoots and can’t stop on her roller blades, and wins the New Faces competition.  Meanwhile, the BSC is performing Snow White with some charges. Charlotte Johansen is Snow White and Stacey is her helper. She forgets her lines until Stacey shows up last minute after quitting her modeling gig… because babysitting comes first!

  • Wasn’t Stacey supposed to be Ms. Sophisticated, Ms. Chic, Ms.  Fashion? So why are the BSC helping her pick out clothes for her modeling gig?
  • Stacey has to lose 10 pounds for the camera, and refuses to eat a slice of pizza. Kristy comments, “THAT’S why most models are anorexic!”  AND they argue with her! I’m sorry, if I’m on the job for one day and they tell me I’m fat, why’d ya hire me to begin with? I’m eating my slice, dang it!
  • How is clucking supposed to help me remember my lines, exactly? I was 9 when I watched these the first time,  and I thought this was crazy.
  • If I misspell Stacey’s name, I blame my past roommate Stacy who convinced me her spelling was the only way.  Love ya girl!

Kristy and the Great Campaign

Honestly? My VHS was apparently worn out, because it refused to play this one. Kristy convinces shy Courtney to run for school president. Kristy gets so worked up in this that Courtney flips out and doesn’t want to run. When Kristy backs off and lets Courtney do it her way, Courtney does really well. The slogan “Count on Court” was the most memorable part though.

  • The other thing I remember is Courtney was running against a Jeremy, and Kristy and Court run into Jeremy and his brother at the store. “Hey Germ, let’s go!”  And basically, Kristy and Germ’s brother are the reason she gets out of control.
  • Apparently backing off is not a lesson that stuck with Kristy. Speaking of which….

Dawn Saves the Trees

The park is getting a road put through it! They’re cutting down the trees! Dawn organizes a protest! She meets Logan’s cute friend David, whose mom just so happens to be on the committee approving the road! She’s pissed no one else cares as much as she does! The BSC finally make her take a chill pill and realize constructive criticism/an alternative plan is the best way to go. They design a packed dirt path to take place of a paved road, and she and David propose it to the committee.

  • All we need to know is, Zach Braff is on this show in his first credited role? (according to IMDB).  This aired when he was a high school senior, but he’s totally gawky and awkward. If I hadn’t checked the dates, I would’ve sworn he was 14.
  • Oh, the joys of self-righteous Dawn…  won’t even let Jackie play when he has posters to make!

Still to come:  The Babysitters  Special Christmas,  Claudia and the Mystery of the Secret Passage, Claudia and the Missing Jewels, Jessi and The Mystery of the Stolen Secrets, Babysitters and the Boy sitters, Dawn and the Dream Boy.


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