BSC Videos, Part 2

BTW, I totally went out of order on this one, but I think I’ve finished them! I won’t update before Christmas, so happy holidays!

Claudia and the Missing Jewels

Claudia makes some awesome earrings for a flea market, and Ms. Olga commissions her to make some more for her boutique. Claudia takes them over to Kristy’s when she’s babysitting Karen. The earrings go missing, and the sitters suspect the new “hired help” Julie. (She doesn’t actually have a title like “maid” or “laundry lady”, and Kristy is annoyed that her mom hired her because she doesn’t even baby-sit! So, I have no idea what else to call Julie.)  Julie IS wearing a pair, but she didn’t steal them– Karen gave the earrings to Julie. Karen was trying to get Kristy’s attention, so Kristy feels super horrible and they work things out.

  • This seems to be a theme for the BSC: no one actually likes their own siblings. (See Claudia and the Mystery in the Attic.)  In Kristy’s case, can we blame her?
  • They really think that this is going to be Claud’s ticket to fame and fortune. Good luck, girl.

Jessi and the Mystery of the Stolen Secrets

It all begins when Jackie teases Charlotte for liking Buddy. ONLY STACEY KNEW. Then Jessi gets a secret gig sitting for Derek Masterson (the movie star) and the press shows up. The BSC believe they may have left the notebook within reach of a charge. They try to recreate situations, but when the charges figure out that the baby-sitters are writing ALL about them, they riot.  The BSC explain it’s like doctor records vs. a diary about their secrets, and Jessi figures out Matt Braddock can read lips. OOPS.

  • I have learned that the kids who are deaf/hard of hearing are better at adapting at finding information. One of my students has a hearing aid/mic combination, and as a result, when I’m trying to get the class’s attention (I do this sometimes by singing goofy stuff like “I am slowly going crazy…”) he’s the first one to start laughing at me.  Just saying. Don’t let down your guard around kids who “can’t hear you.” Also from experience, as my mom is partially deaf, SHE CAN HEAR YOU WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO BE HEARD.
  • Really, why are we carrying the club journal to the softball game? Yeah, that makes sense…

Dawn and the Dream Boy

Dawn luvs Jamie, but doesn’t know how to tell him. Mary Anne has class with him and she can put in a good word!  Jamie also coaches Jackie R. in soccer as well. When MA picks Jackie up one day, she drops info like, “Ya know that pretty blonde, Dawn? She’s my sister, she’s really good with kids.”    And Jamie’s all, “Oh yeah, that’s attractive.” MA introduces Dawn to Jamie officially, and Jamie asks all about the whole sister-not-looking-like-each-other situation. Once this is settled, he asks for her number.  He calls and asks Dawn to the game. He actually wanted to ask MA out, and there was some confusion about who was on the phone. Dawn refuses to speak to Mary Anne, thinking she sabotaged Dawn’s chances with Jamie.  They finally have a mandated heart-to-heart facilitated by Kristy, and Mary Anne’s all, “I love you, and I’d never be that mean to you OR Logan.” Which makes everyone look at each other like, “Oh yeah, we forgot about him.”  So they all go to the Sweetheart Dance with each other.

  • Dawn is very boy-crazy in the tv series. This is her second failed date that I’ve seen. Same reaction both times: no idea what to wear, MA reassuring her that she’s beautiful, then the guy bursting her bubble by not meeting her expectations.
    • I get why there was confusion about the phone call: Dawn’s mom yelled “telephone,” MA asked, “Who is it?”, indicating (to mom) that MA would get it, and Dawn got it instead. But when there’s a wait to switch who has the phone, am I the only one who would go, “Mary Anne?Oh, hey, sorry Dawn… lemme talk to your sister.” But dude, Jamie, don’t go, “No, it’s cool, we can go to the game together!” like you have some consolation prize. Yes, you have the other sister, but don’t be a jerk.
  • Yeah, EVERYONE forgot about Logan. MA mentions him a few times, like, “Jamie’s cute… not as cute as Logan, of course…” and the line mentioned above.  But where is Logan? Not standing up for his woman when some punk is hitting on her. And NOT at the Sweetheart Dance. She’s totally dancing with some geeky brunette, not  her hunky Kentuckian.
  • I don’t think they were playing Rick Astley, but I’m pretty sure they were making the music for the dance sound like a digitized version of it.
  • Sorry for the oozing sarcasm, but this one kinda deserves it.

The Baby-sitters Remember

This is a flashback episode, except, it’s a flashback of the canon stuff that wouldn’t fit into the storyline otherwise.  We get to see Kristy and the “Decorum” incident, we see Kristy’s first job babysitting for St. Bernards,  we remember Mimi, we see Stacey trash a brat’s room to make a point, and we see the BSC try to one-up each other.

  • The premise of this episode is they won’t see each other for the summer. WHO’S GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN OF STONEYBROOK?
  • I hate how they write Mimi’s character and Mallory’s character.
    • Mimi’s not an idiot, she knows pizza is not Japanese food, Kristy. Seems like a lot of stereotyping is all, but she has a lot of good things to say.
    • Mallory may not be an original member, but more has happened since book 14 than before book 14.  But they won’t let her remember anything– she’s like, “I’m the confused one.” Not fair, writers.
  • Yeah, they totally try to one-up each other. Jessi thinks that Dawn organizing the sleep-over is not as big of an accomplishment as learning to sign. And we know that Kristy’s accomplishment of getting this club together is better than anyone.  Stacey tries to smooth it over by saying, our biggest accomplishment is US!  Okay. So, Kristy and Stacey are tied.
  • Oh! This must be mentioned: they do the egg experiment where they take care of the egg like a child. Dawn’s partner Arron was “so competitive and he always had to be right!” YEAH. No wonder they paired you up.
    • And I’m still wondering how the backpack was a safer spot for the baby egg than your inner pocket.

The Baby-sitters and the Boy Sitters 

Alan Gray and Pete Black overhear that the BSC is having a few scheduling conflicts, so they offer to help.  Pete shows the Rowdowskys how to handle a milk spill (make French toast) and climb a tree, while Alan teaches Charlotte and Becca how to play poker. Kristy does not approve. The boys branch off into their *own* club, and take a group of kids to the arcade on a Saturday. Big mistake! The boys told the kids stay put and walked away, and clearly no one stays put in an arcade. The BSC bailed them out, and all was well.

  • This may be my favorite. The boys did fine– they’re enthusiastic and match the energy of their charges.  Clearly, they didn’t fit into Kristy’s high standards– which are also good.  No, it wasn’t smart to take them to a crowded arcade, but everyone makes that mistake at least once.
  • The girls are so snarky. The boys really are only trying to help and have fun with the kids. They succeed. Gambling isn’t the best idea, but Alan gambles with candy– “So, you’re teaching them to gamble with their health?” No, Stacey, don’t be a prat.  Most of us can eat candy. 🙂
  • Admittedly, the French toast off the counter is kinda gross, but it’s also a boy thing. Sorry, it’s the truth. And for once, Jackie doesn’t feel like a loser for spilling something. (Really, the gross part was scrambling the egg on the counter, but what can ya do.)

 Claudia and the Secret Passage

Claudia is getting some supplies from Dawn’s secret passage, and finds a broken ring and a note from Betina. Betina’s sister is mad at her. They decide to find out what happened to the sisters, if they ever spoke again, etc.  Claud is thinking it’s a hundred year old note, and Janine the Genius points out it was taped onto the rail. They find out the sisters have a floral shop and they have a sister get-together because none of the sitters like their sisters and they have to throw parties to show “no really, we do!”  because their sisters have been feeling neglected and they want a special celebration.

  • Not my favorite. I don’t even have the heart to re-watch to find out the name of the other sister.
  • Also, secret passage/Dawn’s house doesn’t look anything like I thought it would. It mostly looks like an attic. But it was a nice canon thing to put in.

Baby-sitter’s Special Christmas 

Ah, yeah, the Christmas episode. They’re doing Secret Santa for the club party. They decorate the children’s ward of the hospital for Christmas and plan a party, getting toys for the kids, etc. Kristy meets a baseball player (Brian?) in the hospital, and is shocked when his parents can’t visit because they don’t have a car.  Stacey gets tempted by all the sweets, and Dawn hounds her about it. Then Stacey ends up going to the hospital because her blood sugar was ridiculous! Kristy got a fancy mitt, but she gives it to Brian to show him the meaning of Christmas.

  • So. Dawn? Remember her M.O.?  The health nut? Right. So,  it’s her idea to make cookies with the Rodowskys. She has several ideas like this in the series. What’s the deal?  Not gambling with their health, now, are we?
  • I was convinced when I was little that I would go into a diabetic shock after watching this episode. I remember writing a story in fourth grade where after a sleepover filled with wonderful goodies my friend Allison and I ended up in the hospital due to diabetes. Stacey turned me into a hypochondriac.
  • They were super worried about keeping Secret Santa a secret. We just did SS at work, and I figured my SS out because she was the only one who didn’t tell me who she had. Gotta love it.
  • Sorry there’s not much to say about it, but it was a very special Christmas! 😉

Be safe! Don’t eat so many cookies you go into shock! Take a break to relax and read! 


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