Book signings: I went on a word journey!

Editor’s Note, mentioned in my New Year’s Eve post: This post is coming out about three  (ACK! a little over three) months too late.  I was saving my book signing posts for when I went to a second book signing within a month of this one.  But a trip to New Jersey for a funeral changed our unofficial plans to see John Hodgman in Asheville.  Me and my cheap-o Funsaver camera (yeah, yeah, I’m planning on getting a digital at some point…) were gonna go and finish off pictures there so I could post about two awesome book signings at once.  I started this post the night of/day after the signing, but as I wanted the pictures, didn’t finish it. So… here ya go…

I don’t go to a ton of book signings.

See, here’s what’s up: I treat authors like they’re rock stars.  It creeps them out. It creeps me out.

Also, my first book signing, I hurt the actual author’s feelings. She was a ghost writer for the Sweet Valley Twins series. As I was seven or eight, I thought Francine Pascal (and for that matter, Ann M. Martin) wrote a book a month. I can’t remember who it was or what book. (Hang head.)

My second book signing didn’t go much better. I went to a writer’s conference in Michigan and I met (drum roll) Donald Miller. He wrote Blue like Jazz  and has written other spiritual books.  I can’t describe the books, really. They’re almost like memoirs but they  are more about his spiritual journey.  He says some really funny things. He also says some things that make you think. I probably stared at him for a minute with him waiting, “And… who do I write this to?”

Hmm, my third and fourth one kinda run together/sound similar. We had two authors speak at our school, at different times. I approached Liz Curtis Higgs at a Women’s Conference after some other lady started speaking and the room had cleared. I got the book, wasn’t gonna get it signed, then said, “I’m an idiot, not getting a book signed when the author is RIGHT THERE.” So I went back and did that.  The other was Lauren Winner, who I approached before anyone realized who she was.  By the time I met Lauren Winner, I read her memoir Girl meets God  and realized she was a bookworm like me, so I was comfortable enough to chat.

So, tonight (October 21ish) I went to a Cake Wrecks book signing. It was a little bit different because I know them through blogs, not a book.  Also, it’s cake. Cake makes everyone more human.  I should also mention that I follow their blog Epbot more diligently than Cake Wrecks. I hit Cake Wrecks once a week or so for Sunday Sweets and then look at the week’s cakes, but Epbot more often. I love cake, but I love geeky things more.

So, Jen and John the husband of Jen are pretty darn awesome. The fans took up a corner of the Chesterfield Towne Centre’s Barnes and Noble. They set up a powerpoint, video, and it was cakes and jokes all night.  My favorite moment was when they played, “What’s this?”  It was super funny.  I also loved that Jen’s mom was there, and there were several moments where it was like, “oh yeah, hi mom…” after a joke/audience comment. They also had a replication (wrecklipation?) contest. I entered a rather dumb cupcake cake…  See, I was traveling from Tennessee to Richmond to go to this signing.  I wanted to enter as a fun-show-your-support thing, even though I had no time whatsoever. So I didn’t recreate a wreck. I made a joke about the Richmond earthquake. The pictures for this didn’t turn out, but it was a dreaded cupcake cake said, “I survived the RVA Earth Wiggle.”  And as I can’t really write in icing anyway, it really looked wiggly.  It looked awful. I didn’t “win” anything.

Anyway. So first off, before I get further, I want to say Cake Wrecks fans are awesome. I’m really short (4’11”). Where I was standing there was a wiggly family and I couldn’t see. A nice tall couple from Manassas, Va traded spots with me so I could see better, and we chatted about how the drive was absolutely worth it!  (You wouldn’t believe the amount of haters from NYC  and DC who fussed on the website that Jen & John weren’t coming to their city… because they’re the only authors who didn’t visit there?) The B&N worker commented as I was getting ready to get my book signed that Jen & John were the easiest people to work with and that the crowd was awesome.  So, Cake Wrecks and Epbot readers ROCK.

So, remember that awful CCC  I made? John (thoJ) had an extra prize after the top three were announced. He basically walked by the book signing line and asked, “Did you make a cake? Did you make a cake?” And I was the first one who said yes. So, I got a prize for being a “winner!” (I got the one on the left, my picture didn’t turn out, so I borrowed it from the site.)

The couple behind me had traveled to meet Jen and John for their anniversary, and they, too, had made cupcakes. I got the last prize. 😦 The lady (Amy) said that she made six to get a chance at the carrot jockey necklace.   I couldn’t give her a necklace, of course, but I gladly tore off my carrot jockey pin to give her! Warm fuzzies all around.

I got one of each book, and here’s the signings:

I momentarily forgot who I was talking to when she asked me if I’d like her to write “something funny.” But, it’s definitely funny!

I have to do a quick “squee” because each book stop got a cake. The Richmond cake was made by A Cake to Remember‘s Kara. I “squee-d” because she made my wedding cake. And she remembered it. (Didn’t remember me specifically, but remembered details about the cake. All I had to say was, “St. Patrick’s Day, hexagon…” and she gave me all the other details.) She partnered with another baker from Sugar Buzz, so she deserves a shout-out too.

And their cake had all sorts of tributes to other cake wrecks. And, it tasted delish. So. There’s that.  Below is a close-up, courtesy of Cake Wrecks:

Other pictures I have:

John explaining the wreck on the cover (psst: the sticker is covering “Prefessional.” No one noticed, not even their editors, until it was published.)   Didn’t get a pic of  Jen due to the fact that I couldn’t see her (due to both of our sizes and the crowd in between us). Sorry for bad quality.

Prefessional Mistakes











I’m super dorky when it comes to asking people for photos together, taking a pic, etc.  So, I did the ultra-dorky thing and took pictures while other people were taking pictures. They got Steampunk Mickey Ears! 🙂








As a general rule, Jen prefers to be out of the spotlight (i.e. not in pics). I can’t blame her.  I tried to get a pic of her, nonetheless, for the scrapbo– er, blog. For the blog.  I talked myself into going back in before I left to get a quick pic, although yes, the steampunk Mickey ears picture is in fact a better pic of Jen.











So, Jen and John– this is belated. I wrote on your facebook page the day it happened, but nonetheless,  I want to thank you for coming to my hometown.   Thanks for making us all feel like “winners.” You’re all that with sprinkles on top.


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