Death Comes to Pemberley– say Wha?

Ok, guys, I may be a little bit of a jerk here. But I just finished the audiobook of Death comes to Pemberley by P.D. James. And normally I don’t come on here to complain about books. I’m a gusher at heart. But I was so frustrated and didn’t know where to turn!

So, I’ve never read P.D. James, but I’ve heard lots of good about her.

I read plenty of Austen-esque books.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies because like I said yesterday, I’m difficult. (Mr. Darcy, Vampyre doesn’t get the ringing endorsement though.)  I borrowed a trilogy Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman… which was all right. Enthusiasm wasn’t a sequel, but I loved the 21st century high school version of P&P/Emma.  Austenland  is turning into a movie, so that’ll be interesting.

I liked the premise of the book: a murder occurs on Pemberley Estate and George Wickham is involved. How could that not be good?

When the characters we loved failed to click together, it can’t be a good indicator.

When the crime is repeated word for word at least three times, leaving me to wonder, did I mess up something on my iPod?, it becomes questionable quality.

When, after six years of marriage and two kids, the epilogue ends with Darcy STILL going ON AND ON about how he was such a jerk to Elizabeth. What the heck? Don’t you people move on?

(The epilogue made me madder than any other thing in the book, actually. You got the girl, moron. Don’t dwell on the past.)

Honestly,  I wasn’t expecting who actually did the murder.  It was anti-climatic when we figured it out though– no, wait, not figured it out– had a letter confessing the crime.

Anyone who’s read this before: would this be better reading versus listening?

Anyway. Rant over. I’ll try to grab a better book for next time!


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