2012 Recap

Hey. I know I once said I don’t get personal often, but let’s throw that out the window. What I mostly meant was this isn’t my public diary. I get personal enough, and hey, it’s a recap post, we’ll go there. This was supposed to be a blog entry on Jan 5th or something, so sorry for the delay! (Again!)

I read in 2012, but it wasn’t like I normally read. I’m not even meaning, “I read but didn’t blog about it.” I mean I really didn’t read like I usually do.

2012 was the year of BBC. I got obsessed with watching Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Downton Abbey.

2012 was also the year of crafting. I made a goal to do 52 projects, and ended it with my 53rd (and I’m not counting stupid stuff like “I glued a bird on a clothespin for my cousin’s Cinderella wedding,” although I almost did. That was a cute project for her wedding, but it wasn’t in any way a lot of work on my part.) Most of my crafts were crochet, cross-stitch, and the occasional painting. I’m going to post pictures after I talk about books.

2012 was the year of “Holy cow, that’s a lot that happened.” I started off the year quitting my museum job for a long-term sub job. In May, my grandma died and my cousin married, in the same week. In June, my mom moved out of the house we’ve had since 1983, and I had a major* car accident (*major for my car, not for me)… in the same week. In November, on my birthday, I got a teaching assistant job. Including the overabundance of crafting, I’d say it’s been a good, productive year.

Let’s move on to the books, now, shall we? 

Books Read in 2012 

The Heroes of Olympus series (The Lost Hero, Son of Neptune, Mark of Athena)  These are an off-shoot of the Percy Jackson series, and they’re pretty good.

A lot of John Greene novels. I want to do a future “blurb” post about them, so no spoilers here.
Parasol Protectorate (series)– I mentioned them in 2011, but the last book came out this year. I enjoyed them quite a bit.
Moon over Manifest. it’s an award-winner… it took me a bit to get into it, but it’s fantastic once you do.
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, a nice little creepy read. 

And frankly, these are the books I can remember. I cannot remember what I read this year, apart from things I blogged about! For the record, Code Name Verity wins for best (new) book I’ve read this year.

My main problem is, I’ll read books on the Nook and it will take forever for me to get into it.  I’m alternating between Alice in Zombieland and a steampunk romance, and I can’t read more than a chapter at a time. It’s not that they’re bad, I just can’t get into them for the long-haul.

The one book I did not read in 2012, and I’m proud of it:
Fifty Shades of Grey.  And when I say, “I don’t want to read that garbage,” I mean, “I read the first chapter, and that writing is AWFUL.”  I will admit to laughing at some excerpts via 50 Shades of Golden Girls.  Honestly, I thought the fervor of 50 Shades had died except it was mentioned last week and some girl on The Bachelor was obsessed with it.

Let’s talk about Crafts, Man. 

I didn’t read much new material this past year, but that didn’t stop books from creeping into my craft life. Here are some of my awesome bookish crafts, with links to tutorials/stores to buy patterns.


The Golden Snitch. I love this one!

Tutorials: The one I used: http://tinyapartmentcrafts.blogspot.com/2010/12/golden-snitch-ornament-tutorial.html

One I stumbled upon yesterday, with actual feathers: http://doityourselfdivas.blogspot.mx/2012/11/diy-harry-potter-snitch-ornament.html


The Grinch ornament was seen on Pinterest without a tutorial, but the basic gist of the project was: green ornament, glue a bit of the hair tuft (i.e. boa) on his head, and puffy paint a Grinch-like grin.
You know what would be another cool project?                   Three sizes too small/three sizes too big.


Origami Yoda comes from the book, Adventures of Origami Yoda.

I got the tutorial from the book, but the author is kind enough to have tutorials on his site: http://origamiyoda.wordpress.com/folding-your-own-origami-yoda-other-star-wars-papercraft/


Slytherin Scarf, commissioned project.

The scarf was based on the POA scarves. I prefer this look to the large color blocks. I made up my own pattern, which is basically: 8 rows: 40ish double crochets (main color). Stripes: 2 rows half-double crochets second color, 2 rows half-double main color, 2 rows half-double second color. Repeat.


Mad-Eye Moody’s Eye Patch… Which was technically a 2011 Halloween project. It’s still a bookish craft, right?



Every time I think I have a favorite craft, I change my mind. “Expecto Patronum” with a stag.

No tutorial!  I used my mom’s Cricut to make a stencil of a stag. I used puffy paint, wax paper, and a Harry Potter font  to make the letters without being mad at myself that something failed– you mess up on wax paper, scrape and try again.

I want to make another with a deer that says “Always.” I’m guaranteed to cry approximately 75% of the time when I look at “Expecto Patronum,” I may as well make it 100%.


My wand! Not exactly Ollivander material, but a wand nonetheless.

Tutorials:  I used this one, with paper and hot glue: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-an-awesome-Harry-Potter-wand-from-a-sheet-of-/

But this is another one that you need a dowel rod for: http://grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com.br/2012/06/diy-harry-potter-style-wands.html


“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” Cross-stitch, with Cat posing and clearly looking up-to-no-good.


“Mischief Managed.” 😉

Both cross-stitch patterns were from the amazing PixyStitches. You can also check out her etsy shop.   I love, love, LOVE her stuff. These were not the only cross-stitches I did that were hers, but the only ones that were book-related.


I’m turning 30 this year. I don’t want to do anything nearly as ambitious as 52 projects/week, but I’m already feeling withdrawals from not doing a project in three weeks. I’m doing “30 things” from now to November 9th, my birthday.

One ambitious thing I’ll be doing is reading 3 books/month with a particular theme.  I suppose it’s not ridiculously ambitious, but along with trying three brand new recipes/month, learning how to sew, and expanding my crocheting techniques a bit, etc…  it may get out of control. I will do my regular updates with YA novels and things the blog is used to doing, but I’ll do monthly “Hey! Check out this month’s theme!”  I’ve read two books this month with my theme, and when the library calls me with my third book, I’ll be on it.

In the meantime, enjoy 2013! I hope to be on here more often, but I’m not making promises.  Much love, read on!

PS– if you liked the projects, I’m on pinterest a lot. You can check out my DIY pins here. Or my book pins, or my “nerdy” pins from the BBC, or whatever. If you’re not on pinterest, just be prepared, you’re going to use up a good hour at least.  🙂


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