Stacey Takes a Stand. (BSC television series)

A couple Decembers ago, I broke out the Baby-sitters Club VHS tapes (part one and two here). Super fun to re-watch. And then today, I saw an awesome post from Nikki of Are you there Youth? It’s Me, Nikki fame:

Netflix just added the Baby-sitters Club series to instant watch!!!!!

I had two that I hadn’t seen recently, but since I had one practically memorized I went for the one I have never actually owned, Stacey takes a StandPretty much,  Stacey deals with the whole split custody thing and not being able to be in two places at once.

  • The BSC is having a father/daughter banquet. Stacey is like, ugh, that falls on a dad weekend, I’ll be in New York with my dad watching Guys and Dolls, and wahh.
  • Stacey is sooo bummed!  It’s hard being a kid with divorced parents! Here are some of her complaints:
    • When someone says, “Hey, you have two closets full of clothes!” she responds, “But the clothes I want are never in the place I am!” Example, please? “I left my tights in Stoneybrooke and I had to wear a miniskirt with knee socks. The skirt was plaid, the socks were striped, and I was freezing!”
      • Via Claudia, “That could work!”
    • My dad hates Stoneybrooke! He wouldn’t come to my father/daughter dinner!
    • My mom hates hearing about awesome stuff I’m doing in the City!
    • My friends plan to do stuff when I can’t be there!
  • So the babysitters come and visit her in the city to remind her that no matter where she is, she’ll always have them! 
  • Also, her mom ends up telling dad about the father/daughter banquet and he says, “If it’s important to you, I’ll be here! I divorced your mom, not you!”
  • Also, this is when the Barretts have recently split and Buddy is all, “I’m the man of the house! I can’t have any fun because I’m in charge.” And the babysitters are like, chill, because we’re here and seven years older than you and so much more responsible. So he then goes to play.

My comments:

So, overall, not a bad episode but more “after-school special” than the others. I may have seen it once, and all I remembered was,”Woah, Stacey’s real name is Anastacia?”

Yes, kids with divorced parents have it rough. You’re talking to someone who dealt with multiple custody battles, 3 “stepmoms”, and generally a lot of fuss when it woulda coulda shoulda been simple. I was lucky in that my parents lived in the same county, so I only remember one instance that my dad said I couldn’t do something with my friends that conflicted with his plans.  But yeah. It seems as though Stacey has a ton of first world/white girl problems that it’s kind of like, dude, that’s it– knee socks instead of tights? Can’t babysit Charlotte because you’re going to Broadway? Waaah. So Stacey learns to express herself in this special episode, and tells her parents quit talking bad about each other and play nice. Good girl.

I’ve been kinda snarky towards Stacey in this post.  I realize that as a 29-year old with most of my crap together, I may feel superior to her, but the truth is, it’s always going to be hard. We live halfway (6 hours either way) between my parents and my husband’s parents, and we eventually want to move closer to one set.  When we have kids,  how can we develop relationships between all sides of the family? Can I limit time with current stepmom in a subtle way? In twenty years when my future kid graduates, will I choose wisely who gets a graduation ticket? (When you are a child with divorced parents MARRIED to another child with divorced parents, it layers on and on and on– which is what my sister is currently putting up with as my nephew is thisclose to graduation.)

Hey Stacey– it’s going to work out. You standing up to your parents is step one. Keep a good relationship with them. It’s going to get both easier and harder as an adult, but fortunately, as an adult you can say, “Screw it, I’m living as far from you  as possible,” and it’s lovely.  It’s also heartbreaking not being there. But mostly, it’s nice to do your own thing. I hope, twenty-three years later, you got to do that. Why am I talking to a fictional character? Do I seriously feel guilty about making fun of her?  I guess in the tiniest way I can relate to her, but I’m annoyed by this revelation.

I can see why I didn’t own the video, but it wasn’t the worst of the shows. I think that honor goes to whichever one had the sisters club.  Maybe she convinced a girl to do the right thing, somewhere, at some point.


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