May Round-Up: Inkheart Trilogy

I’m gearing up for the summer, and the big trip is DISNEY WORLD! What better prelude for the trip than a fantasy coming to life? I’ve had Cornelia Funke’s  Inkheart Trilogy on my bookshelf for a while, and although it is not *Disney* or even *Hogwarts*, I didn’t want to overdo it before I even left Tennessee.  Quick blurbs for this one, sorry if they’re woefully inadequate.

Basic Characters:
Mo Folchart: Dad, aka Silvertongue, later Bluejay
Meg: his daughter
Resa: his wife
Elinor: his wife’s aunt
Fengolio: the author of “Inkheart”

Dustfinger: good guy, plays with fire
Farid: character from Arabian Nights, follows Dustfinger
Basta: as the name may indicate, a jerk
Capricorn: evil ruler


Mo Folchart has a wonderful reading voice that lures characters out of the page. While reading to his wife Resa from the book Inkheart, Dustfinger, Basta, and Capricorn come to life in their living room. Unfortunately, Resa enters the book. No matter how much Dustfinger pleads and Mo tries, he cannot return characters or get his wife back.

Fast forward ten years. Mo and Meg are on the run because Dustfinger has discovered them and Capricorn has need  for Silvertongue’s voice and the last known copy of Inkheart.  The Folcharts turn to Elinor, a formidable woman, for a little bit of refuge. Capricorn kidnaps Mo and a book. Elinor happened to have Inkheart hidden in her room. Meg insists that they must go after him.

Well, hey, they have to be successful to get two sequels, right? I will end my summary there. Sorry if I took the fun out of that. It’s a nail-biter, actually, not kidding on that, but hey, here’s a quick blurb about Inkspell. 

Meg and Farid (who appears in Inkheart) attempt to read themselves into “Inkheart” after Dustfinger finally makes it back. It works. They get to explore Inkworld, meet characters from the book, and overall live in a book.

Inkdeath: Fengolio has been continuing his story and has written a character based on Mo called the Bluejay (who is a thief).  Mo is trying to live up to his reputation.

OVERALL:  I really like Inkheart.  Inkspell gave me a little bit of a headache. I liked how Inkdeath wrapped it up but it probably took me the longest to read.   Hard to tell, really, I was reading it during the last month of school.

Since this is kiddie lit, I’m thinking 6th grade and up, Inkheart gets an A and the sequels a B-. Good trilogy, but as always, the original is the best. 

Yeah. So, I think I’ll start packing. Party! 😀 Hope your summer is going well.


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