Conversations with my co-workers RE: Nagini

*****I haven’t written in ages. I was looking through my lost drafts from forever ago to publish something until I have time to write a book post. This was written November 16, 2011. It’s still kind of funny. I previously published a Harry Potter-related discussion with Chrysalis here. I no longer work with Chrysalis and sadly no longer have the pleasure of having conversations like this on a semi-regular basis. *******

Chrysalis and I found ourselves pondering the latest rumor going around on the internet:

C: Did you hear about Nagini being the snake Harry let loose in the first book?
A: I DID hear about that! I’m not so sure about that.
C: Yeah… not sure if it can be supported. My sister emailed me that, and I was like, “is that true?” And she looked it up and couldn’t find anything.
A: I kind of find it unlikely.  That snake seemed pretty determined to get to Brazil.
C: If Harry’s the one who freed him, wouldn’t it be difficult to hurt him?
A: In a way, I think it’s kind of like Peter Pettigrew– how Harry sent Voldemort a servant in debt to Harry.
C: I’m so glad Neville killed her [Nagini]  in the movie.
A: YEAH! I was so worried about that…
C & A: that they wouldn’t let him be awesome
A: because it was.
C: I think Neville deserved that victory.
A: He had it worse than Harry, I think…
C:  Definitely. The whole, I don’t have my parents sucks, but he has his parents and can see the damage that was done…
A: Yeah…

So, that was our lively lunch discussion before clearly getting called back to work. Dang work.

****Obviously, this rumor was untrue, because the internet is ridiculous. At the time it was not confirmed or denied, but it’s been 3 years. DENIED. But isn’t it funny to read back and think, man, people fell for that? We had a lunch-time conversation about it? 🙂

Recap: Neville’s the best, chosen by the people to lead Dumbledore’s Army. Nagini is not the awesome snake that went to Brazil because our hero Harry (although merciful and clueless) would not send TWO servants to Voldemort… that’s just too much, even for JKR.  🙂


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