About the Site

For my introduction to the blog, including my objectives, etc., click here. Otherwise most of this page covers what you want to know.

I’m a middle school teacher (when I get hired) in the process of building up my class library.  I am primarily revisiting books I loved as a youngster and checking out new ones to see whether they’d be good for my YA library.  The blog is named “Class Bookworm” because my fifth grade class voted me… Class Bookworm.  Since many of the books I’m reviewing would be in my class library, I thought the title had a double meaning.

I read a lot, and not just to keep up with my student’s taste. If it’s a book I’m reading just for me, I’ll label it “Not for Classroom” with a justification. And since my certification is 4-8, my basic categories are Upper Elementary and Middle School.  If I read books I think high schoolers would like, I’ll create a label. I do have a niece going into 3rd and a nephew going into 10th, so I may fluctuate if they tell me to read something they like!

Each post (hopefully) will have a synopsis, a “Bookworm Commentary” (my thoughts, sometimes snarky, sometimes just thoughts),  and “Class stuff” indicating what grades I would recommend the book for and what “grade” I’d give it. (No, I don’t have a grading system yet.  Mostly it will be whether I enjoyed it or not.  Fun book, want to re-read or talk about it for a while= A; Painful, could barely/couldn’t finish=F.  I will very rarely give an F. I like most of what I read!) Expect spoilers, but I’ll try to avoid them. 🙂

I’m still trying to find the balance between telling you about a book and not spoiling it. If you have any suggestions, let me know. ALSO, I am totally open to debate. If you think a book is not worthy of an A, or is inappropriate for some ages, or I underestimate the reading ability of different age groups, let me know.  This blog is meant to be helpful to me and you.  I know I don’t have a following or anything 🙂 but still. I’m open to opinions.

I wrote a literacy history for class, and in case you’re interested, here it is for your reading pleasure:


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