When I blog, I’m an off-duty teacher writing about books I like.

I do not claim all the information is 100% correct.  If you’re looking for book report fodder, read the book. The book is always better.

I’m a hack compared to some of the awesome authors I review! My writing does not compare to Schmidt, Lockhart, Sachar, Howe…  Heck, I’m not even on a Meyer level of writing (simply because the last piece of “fiction” I wrote was at least two years ago about my cat).  Seriously– I’m a hack. 

If you use me for book report/project information, it’s maybe two steps up from Wikipedia. This isn’t a good thing.

So kids, I’m speaking to you as a teacher (although probably not yours):
1) the book is better (can’t be emphasized enough),
2) I’m probably looking for details that show YOU read it,
3) it’s not hard to google a phrase  and discover it’s not in your words.


There’s a saying, “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.” This is true with book summaries, too. 🙂


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